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We're Javascript Ninjas

Javascript is the most potent, well rounded modern language for web applications. Our team focuses on javascript mastery - so we can build full stack, cross platform apps that work anywhere!

World Class Team

  • Flexible engineering and software talent for your company
  • We integrate fully into your existing processes
  • Our developers spend 500 hours per year on self education.

The Best Tools

  • Full Stack Javascript specialists - Node, React, Apollo, GraphQL
  • Microservices architecture - Docker / Kubernetes
  • Mobile app development - React Native
  • Modular, component based code architecture

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Recent Work

We Deliver. Every Time.

We build elegant, ground-up software solutions on the cloud, using the latest tech. Perfectly functional every time, just ask our Clients

Enterprise Phone Answering Service

Full Stack Development, Product Development

In just two months, we replaced a $300k enterprise call center system with a modern React/Node web application. We managed product and launched a new product for a phone service within the Livevoice company.

Online Gaming Rewards Website

Full Stack Development

A groundbreaking site which allows gamers to earn money for gift cards. Increased engagement via gamification features such as levelups and items with stat bonuses.

Online Casino

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Node.JS/React.JS. High availability kubernetes. Anti cheat, anti hack, real time game technologies.

Train CRM Company

Full Stack Development

We built an application used by the operations team of Fareharbor.com to assign bookings to trains and design train seating layouts.

Just Ask Our Clients

"Arcanium can do things that would take a normal team several months in just a few short weeks. Highly recommend!"

Author image Nick Tubis CMO, TSD Global

The Arcanium Team did a fantastic job supporting our integration requirements. Aside from being friendly, prompt, and easy to work with; their technical expertise was unmatched by any other development teams we've worked with in the past. We would highly recommend this team for integration / development work.

Peyton Smith Peyton Smith Jr Founder, Magna Marketing

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